2020 Tulip Queen & Court

Queen: Hanna Kendall

Court Members: Molly Bolt, Ellie Roorda, Jocelyn Gritters, Courtney Chaplin

2019 Tulip Queen & Court

Queen: Olivia Vander Leest

Court Members: Mary Kate Bandstra, Isabella Baugh, Camryn Huyser, Emily Schreur

The 2019 Tulip Court is wearing costumes from the province of North Holland, from the village of Huizen. 

2018 Tulip Queen & Court

Queen: Juliana Van Gorp

Court Members: Lexi De Jong, Tressa Vos, Naomi Tripp, Elyse Beukelman

2017 Tulip Time Queen & Court

Queen: Halle Van Vark

Court Members: Jennifer Van Haaften, Jessa Bokhoven,  

Hannah Emmert, Sophia Steenhoek

2016 Tulip Time Queen & Court

Queen: Maria Bandstra

Court Members: Elyse Parisee, Anne Williamson,

Shanae DeHaan-Burch, Taylor Bolt


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