The Province of Utrecht

The province of Utrecht is located just east of Amsterdam and contains the cities of Utrecht, Amersfoort, and the  "twin" villages of Bunschoten and Spakenburg, where the most recognized costumes of Utrecht originate.

The women's costume is a black jacket of woolen material with short sleeves, in a red, white, and blue check. This pattern continues to the top of the apron, with the rest of the apron a dark blue.

The most recognizable part of the costume is the "kraplap" a covering for the upper part of the body, which has an exceptional shape, using starch to make it very stiff.

Between the two parts of the kraplap, a small piece of red and white check is shown. The hat is made by hand of white cotton.

Men's costumes are made of black cloth with a shorter jacket in summer and a tailcoat in winter. The shirt has gold buttons on the collar. It is completed with black stockings and black shoes with silver buckles and a flat cap.

Girls under the age of 6 wear a flowered dress. After that, they are dressed much as the adults. The girls' cap is black and decorated with black ribbon.

utrecht map.png