The Province of Overijssel

Overijssel is a mainland province of the Netherlands located in the central-eastern region of the country. Its capital city of Zwolle boasts a rich history, but the town of Enschede takes the crown for being the province’s largest city. Overijssel features a number of picturesque natural reserves, including De Weeribben.

Its historic cities, many of which date to the Middle Ages, include Kampen (situated on the Ijssel River), a fortified medieval city. Almelo features many museums, and de Weeribben is one of the most famous nature reserves, with long winding rivers and towering forests.

Windmills pepper the landscape and pay homage to Dutch history.


The village of Staphorst is a staunchly Protestant one, where  many of the older residents still wear their traditional costumes. 

The ladies' workday costume consists of a jacket with elbow-length sleevese, made of black silk-like fabric with a floral damask design. The kraplap, or chest protector, which goes over the blouse, is made of floral cotton. A red cotton shawl, woven with blue and white checks, is worn over the kraplap. The skirt is mid-calf length and made of black and dark blue material. On weekdays and in the house, a closely fitted cap of black sateen is worn.

A special type of painting is done in Staphorst called stippelen. Residents decorate their own fabric by painting with different sizes of nail heads dipped in paint. They use a colorful star design made up of dots and spots of color. 

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