The Province of Gelderland

Gelderland is the largest province of the Netherlands, but also the least populated. A land of rolling countryside and moors covered in heather, the economy of the region rested on livestock like sheep, and the people were spread far across the province. All of this affected the residents' traditional clothing. Since the people were spread so far across the land, different costumes developed in the different regions of Veluwe, Betuwe, and Achterhoek.

The women of Gelderland followed many of the fashion trends of the day, but the outfits of Gelderland could be identified in many ways. The women usually wore darker colors like brown or black with gray aprons tied on at the high waist of the bodice. The shirt of the bodice itself is pleated on the breast. Their skirts reach down to the bottom of their aprons. Sometimes a checked kerchief is worn.


One of the ways that costumes from Gelderland can be identified is the hats that are worn. In some areas, on weekdays a cap is worn with a casque, but instead of being a full helmet, is a strip of metal going from behind the ear, around the base of the skull and to the other ear. Underneath the casque would be a floral printed hat. 

Different villages would have different twists on their clothing. Colors, prints, and bonnet styles would vary from town to town.

The male costume of the Achterhoek region of Gelderland was different from the usual style of the day. The men did not wear stockings, instead wearing long, black, corduroy flap trousers. They also did not wear full jackets; instead, they wore black satinette vests with dark striped shirts underneath.